Footnote Music

Jazz improvisation and composition are inextricably linked.
Improvisation at the piano is a form of composition that occurs, or is created, in the moment, and as a result is not written down. This is an exciting and challenging medium that asks a great deal of every musician.

My professional teaching and performing experience enables me to offer specialist, in-depth guidance and tuition to those committed to jazz and blues performance.

Whether you want to study jazz at ‘A’ level, university or to start playing professionally, contact me to discuss your ideas.

  • Develop your improvised solo
  • Apply scale theory to expand your ‘sound’
  • Learn to ‘interpret’ jazz standards 
  • Transcribe classic solos
  • Learn advanced blues changes
  • Learn solo piano techniques
  • Learn how to accompany (‘comp’) other musicians

Remember that each lesson is tailored to meet your individual needs…

5 & 10 lesson courses available as a package.

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