Footnote Music

Composers and songwriters often sketch down their ideas at the piano because it is such a visual medium.

Learning how to play the piano can help to understand and gain insight into songwriting and composing traditions.

As a Masters graduate in composition and a professional jazz pianist I can offer in-depth guidance and tuition to Composer and songwriters who want to further develop their ideas while gaining an understanding and enjoyment from playing the piano.

I offer tuition in classical, jazz and popular piano.

You may to work out the chords to a David Bowie or Stevie Wonder song.

You may want to understand how the harmony works in a classical piece of music.

Why not contact me and we can design a programme of study for you?

Remember that each lesson is tailored to meet your needs…

5 & 10 lesson courses available as a package, the perfect gift for a partner or friend.

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